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Commentary By Jonathan A. Lesser

Using Electric Vehicles as Grid Storage: Another Green Fantasy

The push for electrification of the entire economy – electric cars and trucks, electric heat and hot water, and even electric stoves – is relentless.  Various states, including California, New Jersey, and New York, to name just three, have enacted legislation and developed all-encompassing “plans” to put everything into an electrified basket.

But electrification requires, well, electricity.  Lots of it.  And it requires that electricity to be available at all times. Greens envision most of that electricity will come from wind and solar power, along with hydrogen-burning generators that don’t yet exist and battery storage to meet the demand for power when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.

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Jonathan A. Lesser, PhD, is the president of Continental Economics, an economic consulting firm, and an adjunct fellow with the Manhattan Institute.

Photo by Deepblue4you/iStock