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Commentary By Jason L. Riley

The Migrant Influx Could Help With the Labor Shortage

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The surge at the border isn’t going away. Making more work visas available would solve two problems.

Despite what you’ve been hearing from the White House in recent weeks, the Biden administration doesn’t have a problem with moving illegal immigrants around the country after they arrive here. It just has a problem with Republican governors doing it.

When the administration transports migrants from Texas to New York, as it has been doing on the down-low for more than a year, it’s called “resettlement.” When Texas Gov. Greg Abbott does the same thing in a much more transparent fashion, it’s labeled “human trafficking.” The proper name for all this is political theater, but we shouldn’t forget that flesh-and-blood human beings in the most desperate straits are being used by our elected officials to score partisan points.

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Jason L. Riley is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a columnist at The Wall Street Journal, and a Fox News commentator. Follow him on Twitter here.

This piece originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal