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Commentary By Aaron M. Renn

Shrinking America

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The Census Bureau released its 2016 county level population estimates earlier this year. This gave us a window into the places that are gaining or losing total population.

Here’s a map of all the counties that have lost population since 2010.

The numbers in the legend are the percentage change in population (multiply by 100).

But just last week the Census Bureau released the population estimates by age, sex, and race. I popped the age estimates into my database and mapped the counties whose child population (those under 18) is in decline. This is the demographic future of these communities apart from migration. Here’s that map:

Read the entire piece here at NewGeography (originally on Urbanophile)


Aaron M. Renn is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor at City Journal. Follow him on Twitter here.

This piece originally appeared in NewGeography