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Commentary By Christos A. Makridis

New York Fashion Week Enters the Metaverse With Nolcha

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Independent fashion designer firm Nolcha Shows is hosting a virtual-reality fashion event at the Word Trade Center for New York Fashion Week, opening the exclusive world of design to newcomers.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience groundbreaking technology that incorporates fashion in the metaverse, virtual avatars, augmented reality, and digital wearables.

The two-day web3 event will be held on the 69th floor of the iconic 3 World Trade Center. Unlike traditional NFT events, the goal “is to create a new destination, or highway, connecting web2 and web3 communities where they can work together,” said Arthur Mandel, co-founder of The Nolcha Shows at New York Fashion Week.

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Christos A. Makridis is an adjunct scholar at the Manhattan Institute. He is also a research professor at Arizona State University and the chief technology officer and head of research of Living Opera, an arts and education technology startup.


This piece originally appeared in Forbes