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Commentary By Manhattan Institute

Mayor de Blasio's Renewal Schools Program for Troubled Public Schools Called Too Pricey

Editor's note: This piece appeared at the New York Daily News (by Ben Chapman), based on an upcoming MI report by senior fellow Marcus Winters

Mayor de Blasio’s controversial Renewal Schools program for troubled public schools is working — but it costs more than Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s old method of hitting them with an “F,” a new report says.

The study to be published by the conservative Manhattan Institute in July found increases in 2016 state test scores at roughly five dozen elementary and middle schools in the $400 million program translate into 65 added days of math instruction and 93 added days of reading instruction — and likely mean more students passed the tests, said study author Marcus Winters.

But the increase is too small compared with the price tag, Winters said....

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This piece originally appeared in New York Daily News