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Commentary By Andy Smarick

Headlines Don’t Tell the Whole Story on Education Reform

Education Pre K-12

It might seem like schools have been caught up in the culture wars, but an analysis of 2022 campaigns and election results shows that we can expect slow and steady reforms.

A casual observer of education policy might well have scanned headlines over the last few years and concluded that America’s schools had been swept up in this era’s political polarization. The most covered stories—COVID recriminations, student debt cancellation, attempts to ban critical race theory, renaming schools—seem to come straight from today’s culture wars.

It is not uncommon for a few hot-button issues to dominate the education conversation at any given moment. Think of past battles over Common Core, school-funding litigation, teacher strikes, tenure reform, and selective-admissions public schools. 

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Andy Smarick is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Follow him on Twitter here. Based on a recent MI issue brief.

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