Jim Manzi

James Manzi is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and founder and chairman of Applied Predictive Technologies (APT)—an artificial intelligence software company whose tools are used by dozens of the world’s largest corporations to apply structured experimental methods to determine causal relationships between business programs and financial outcomes.


Prior to founding APT, Manzi was a vice president at Mercer Management Consulting, where he directed corporate strategy assignments across a wide array of industries and business issues on five continents. He was previously employed in the Data Networks Division of AT&T Laboratories, where he developed PC-based pattern-recognition software. Manzi is a contributing editor of National Review, where he writes frequently for the print and online editions on science, technology, business, and economics. He has written for the New York Post, The Weekly Standard, Slate, The New Atlantis, Cato Unbound, and Culture11. Manzi is a frequent blogger at National Review’s blog The Corner, as well as at The American Scene.


Manzi holds a B.S. in mathematics from MIT and was subsequently awarded a dean’s fellowship to the Wharton School’s doctoral program in applied statistics. He serves on numerous corporate and nonprofit boards of directors.