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January 18th, 2024 Podcast by Manhattan Insights

Unraveling the DEI Web: Harvard and Claudine Gay's Resignation | Aaron Sibarium & Reihan Salam

Radical DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) ideology has overtaken elite universities and, increasingly, American public life. Few reporters have followed the "woke" takeover of American universities and the corrosion of its institutions more closely than our guest.

Our guest Aaron Sibarium, a Yale University alum, now reports on elite institutions that he is the very product of and investigates the pervasive influence of "woke" bureaucracy and ideals in higher education. His extensive and in-depth reporting helped lead to the uncovering of a plagiarism scandal and subsequent resignation of former Harvard president Claudine Gay.

Aaron Sibarium is a staff reporter for the Washington Free Beacon and one of the reporters whose work contributed to the resignation of Harvard president Claudine Gay. He was recently dubbed the "Gen Z Investigative Reporter... Rocking Conservative Media" by Politico Magazine.

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