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October 25th, 2023 Podcast by Manhattan Insights

The Inflation Equation: Bidenomics, Globalization, and More | Stephen Miran

In the period since 2020, consumer prices have increased by 18 percent. While the inflation rate has slowed from its peak, core inflation remains significantly higher than the pre-pandemic average. This prompts the question: what factors are behind this inflation surge, and what can we learn from it in terms of America's economic future?

Stephen Miran is an adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and co-founder of AmberWave Partners, an asset management firm. He joins Reihan Salam to discuss inflation and the broader U.S. economy. Stephen has written about a wide range of economic policy issues in both academic publications and outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and City Journal. He also served as a senior advisor for economic policy at the U.S. Department of the Treasury during the height of the COVID pandemic.

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