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September 11th, 2023 Podcast by The Glenn Show

The Glenn Show: The Adversity of Diversity

This week my guest is the political scientist and writer Carol Swain. She is a proud black, Christian, conservative woman, and she’s just published a new book, The Adversity of Diversity: How Real Training Can Promote Healing in a Post-Affirmative Action World. Carol is not only a conservative, she is a Trump supporter who thinks that black Americans were doing quite well under the previous president.

African American Trump supporters may be rare, but they're out there. And Carol thinks that the former president’s legal troubles will only make him more popular with black voters. She's certainly got no love for the Democrats, who she believes stole the 2020 election, a claim that I push back on. Carol doesn't deny the existence of white supremacy in the US, but she thinks its causes are more complex than unthinking “hatred”—she believes the left bears some responsibility. We talk about her new book, which explores what we should do after race-based affirmative action’s end. She'd like to see DEI go next, but I think we’re talking about two separate issues.

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