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March 8th, 2023 Podcast by Institutionalized

Institutionalized: Same Sex Marriage with Sasha Issenberg

Charles and Aaron sit down with Sasha Issenberg to discuss same-sex marriage and the complex political landscape surrounding it.

The Minority Rights Revolution by John D. Skrentny
The Engagement: America's Quarter-Century Struggle Over Same-Sex Marriage by Sasha Issenberg
The Girl From the Red River Shore by Bob Dylan

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Charles Fain Lehman & Aaron Sibarium, two friends and DC-based reporters who spend a lot of time wondering: are our institutions failing? This podcast is their effort to have these discussions in public, with some of the smartest people we know. Using their experience as reporters, this podcast discusses how our problems come down to how our institutions—our colleges, our businesses, our government, our media—function, or don’t.