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March 27th, 2024 Podcast by Manhattan Insights

How Technological Transformation Can Make a Conservative Vision Possible | Jon Askonas

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence, genome editing, and materials science are poised to dramatically change the way we live, work, and learn—but is that a good thing, or is it a prospect we should dread? As it stands, conservatives are divided on that question, with some embracing technological breakthroughs and others fearing the threat they pose to human dignity.

Jon Askonas has been urging conservatives to embrace the technological transformations of our time — and to use them to advance a distinctly conservative vision for human flourishing. This includes farming, the growth of families, work-from-home jobs, and even subscription-based media that addresses everyday Americans’ concerns.

Jon Askonas is a politics professor at the Catholic University of America where he works on the connections between the republican tradition, technology, and national security, and a senior fellow at the Foundation for American Innovation. He is also a contributor to American Affairs, The New Atlantis, and Compact magazine.

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