With essential support from the Thomas W. Smith Foundation, the Manhattan Institute launched 'MI on Campus,' which sends MI senior fellows to campuses across the country at no cost to the host. Our fellows are experts in a wide range of subjects, from health care policy to education to gender and the family. 


Brian C. Anderson

Editor, City Journal

- ​Quality of Life/Urban Crime
- Political Theory/Culture
- Net Neutrality

Jim Copland

Senior Fellow and Director, Legal Policy

- ​Woke Investing/Shareholder Capitalism
- The Litigation Explosion
- Government by the Unelected

Daniel DiSalvo

Senior Fellow

- Public Employee Unions
- Pension Reform
- Post-Employment Benefits

Stephen Eide, Senior FellowStephen Eide

Senior Fellow

- State & Local Fiscal Policy
- Mental Health

Nicole Gelinas

Senior Fellow

- Urban Design/Infrastructure
- Future of Cities
- Mass Transit

Kay Hymowitz

Senior Fellow

- Poverty and Inequality
- Gender and Family Issues
- Social Policy

Eric Kober

Senior Fellow

- Urban Planning
- Housing, Transportation, and Infrastructure
- City Administration

Charles Fain Lehman

Fellow; Contributing Editor, City Journal

- Criminal Justice
- Policing
- Drug Policy

Myron Magnet

Editor-at-Large, City Journal

- American History and Politics
- Culture

Steven Malanga

George M. Yeager Fellow & Senior Editor, City Journal

- State and Local Government Finances/Debt
- Public Sector Pensions
- Government Unions

Rafael A. Mangual

Senior Fellow; Head of Research, Policing & Public Safety; Contributing Editor, City Journal

- Criminal Justice
- Policing and Public Safety

Judith Miller

Adjunct Fellow & Contributing Editor, City Journal

- Cancel Culture and Free-Speech
- Israel & the Arab Middle East
- Anti-Semitism
- "
The Story: A Reporter's Journey"

Mark P. Mills

Senior Fellow

- Energy & Environment
- Robots & Emerging Technologies
- Internet & The Cloud/
Venture Capital

James Piereson

Senior Fellow

- Alexander Hamilton’s Economic Policy
- The Great Depression
- The 1960’s
- The Financial Crisis of 2008

Chris Pope

Senior Fellow

- Health Insurance Reform
- Entitlement Policy
- Hospital, Drug, and Physician payment

Brian Riedl

Senior Fellow

- Economic Policy
- Taxes
- Federal Budget

Jason L. Riley

Senior Fellow

- Race & Society
- Welfare Policy
- Immigration

Chris F. Rufo

Senior Fellow

- Critical Race Theory
- Homelessness

Allison Schrager

Senior Fellow

- Financial Markets
- Economic Dynamism
- Monetary Policy

Andy Smarick

Senior Fellow

- Education Policy
- Effective Governing
- American Conservatism