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Young Leaders Circle With Andy Kessler

Thursday September 2019


Andy Kessler Wall Street Journal Columnist; Author; and Founder, Velocity Capital

Should the U.S. go on the offensive to stop cyberattacks? Should the federal government break up Big Tech? Is inequality a bug or a feature of capitalism? Andy Kessler, the Wall Street Journal “Inside View” columnist, focuses on these and other topics at the intersection of technology and markets, where Silicon Valley and Wall Street cross paths. Recent Kessler columns have covered young people’s fascination with socialism, why the CPI is wrong (by a lot) and much more.

His proposed solutions to a variety of public challenges—technological, social, cultural and economic—include one for ending the U.S. trade war with China, while, in the same stroke, stopping China’s predation of American technology. The Kessler’s columns are insightful and always timely!

Please join us on Thursday, September 12, 2019, as YLC welcomes MI trustees and distinguished guests to hear Kessler share his thoughts on cybersecurity, tariffs, and much more. Not a member? Contact us at