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Young Leaders Circle Forum with Vance Serchuk

Wednesday October 2009


Vance Serchuk Director, KKR Global Institute

On Wednesday, October 7th Vance Serchuk, foreign policy adviser to Senator Joseph Lieberman, spoke with the Young Leaders Circle about the politics of the war in Afghanistan and the path to victory. Vance argued why a properly-resourced counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan is necessary to achieve our objectives there, and the danger of alternative approaches such as counterterrorism.

Prior to joining Senator Lieberman's office, Vance was a fellow in defense and security policy at the American Enterprise Institute, where his work focused on Iraq and Afghanistan and the war on terror more broadly.

He was one of the participants in the noted 2006 AEI study group, led by Fred Kagan, that called for the surge in Iraq. His knowledge is not just in scholarship—he has traveled extensively in Afghanistan—most recently in August, when he joined Senators Lieberman and McCain on their visit there. His writings are widely published and he holds degrees from Princeton and Yale Law School, and was also a Fulbright scholar in the Russian Federation.