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Young Leaders Circle Forum with Tom Palmer

Wednesday January 2012


Tom Palmer Vice President for International Programs, Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Tom Palmer, Vice President for International Programs at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, General Director of the Atlas Global Initiative for Free Trade, Peace, and Prosperity, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, and Director of Cato University, gave a special presentation on his recent book The Morality of Capitalism at the January 4, 2012 Young Leaders Circle forum.

While the Occupy Wall Street movement has attracted thousands of young people across the country, it is in part because many on our nation's college campuses are taught exactly what the occupiers preached: that markets are unfair, that capitalism is exploitative, that competition is inhumane, and that government control and redistribution are the solution to society's problems. In response to such claims, Palmer provided and defended a moral justification of capitalism and explained how we can reclaim the narrative of capitalism to show that it's about creating shared value not for the few, but for everyone.