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Young Leaders Circle Forum with Scott Winship

Wednesday November 2013


Scott Winship Walter B. Wriston Fellow

Scott Winship, a Walter B. Wriston Fellow at Manhattan Institute’s e21: Economic Policies for the 21st Century as well as a former fellow at the Brookings Institution, former research manager of the Economic Mobility Project of The Pew Charitable Trusts and a former senior advisor at Third Way gave a presentation on economic mobility and inequality at the November 6th Young Leaders Circle.

There are two New York cities: the city of the rich, ever getting richer, and the city of the poor and the middle class, who are getting left behind. At least, that’s what many scholars believe, claiming that while the income gap grows, inequality is impairing American economic growth. But this narrative of a “tale of two cities” might be more folly than fact. Winship discussed the economic data behind the scare, explaining why cries of the decline of upward mobility may not be as dire as politicians and pundits might have us believe.