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Young Leaders Circle Forum with Rebecca Weiner

Wednesday June 2013


Rebecca Weiner Director of Intelligence, NYPD Intelligence Division

Rebecca Weiner joined the NYPD Intelligence Division in 2006 as an analyst focusing on homegrown radicalization and extremism. In her current capacity as Director of Intelligence, Weiner manages the analytic and cyber units of the Intelligence Division. She is one of the principal advisors to the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence on counterterrorism matters, and she shares responsibility for division-wide policy development and program management. In March 2010, Director Weiner became Legal Counsel to the Intelligence Division’s Intelligence Analysis Unit, providing legal guidance on the authorization and direction of terrorism investigations. She also served as the Team Leader for the Middle East and North Africa, overseeing intelligence collection and analysis related to threats associated with those regions.

At the June 5th Young Leaders Circle, Director Weiner provided a comprehensive introduction to the work of the Intelligence Division of the NYPD and addressed key issues including: the homegrown violent extremist landscape in the Big Apple; the threats that these extremists pose; and the tactics that the local authorities—especially NYPD—have created to respond to these threats. Director Weiner also illuminated how the counterterrorism model has changed since 9/11, and how New York can prepare itself for possible future attacks.