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Young Leaders Circle Forum With Michael Anton

Wednesday February 2018


Michael Anton Director of Strategic Communications; National Security Council (NSC)

On February 7, National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton joined our Young Leaders Circle for a discussion on foreign relations and U.S. politics.

In a September 2016 article, "The Flight 93 Election," a writer using the nom de plume Publius Decius Mus garnered national attention by urging American conservatives and libertarians to support then-GOP-nominee Donald Trump's presidential bid. He warned readers: "charge the cockpit or you die." Decius, it was later revealed, was Michael Anton, who now serves as the director of strategic communications for the White House's National Security Council. In this role, Anton has advised President Trump and his national security team on matters such as recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and North Korea's involvement in the Olympic Games, among others. Anton is a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, executives at BlackRock and Citigroup. Anton is also a former MI staffer, and has written for City Journal.

On Wednesday, February 7, Anton and I will discuss, among other subjects, President Trump's use of social media as his go-to podium for public communication. We will also discuss topics such as the decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and the ramifications this may have for the region and U.S. foreign relations, as well as the future of conservatism. I encourage you to bring a friend.