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Young Leaders Circle Forum With Ken Langone

Wednesday June 2018


Ken Langone Co-Founder of The Home Depot; CEO of Invemed Associates Inc.

Ken Langone is one of few prominent business leaders who publicly defended capitalism during the 2008-‘09 financial crisis. Why? Just ask him—as always, his answers will be clear, direct, and unabashed. In his recently published memoir, I Love Capitalism! An American Story, Langone tells of how he came from a family of immigrants, worked arduous jobs that no one else wanted to do, learned all that he could about business, went to school at night, and achieved his dreams through faith, determination, and what he calls "street smarts." Langone's life and work have been praised by his peers, from financier Stanley Druckenmiller and Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan to JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, among many others.

At a time when critics lambast the moral basis of free enterprise, Langone is using his personal story to help Americans understand why free markets are worth defending—and how, to boot, capitalism allows philanthropists to support civil society as they see fit. As in business, Langone is a larger-than-life personality in the charitable community. He and his wife, Elaine, (married more than 60 years), generously support NYU-Langone Medical Center, Harlem Children's Zone, Boys' Club of New York, and much, much more. Please join us to hear Ken discuss his career, his life, and his thoughts about how good public policy can help to preserve the American Dream for future generations.