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Young Leaders Circle Forum with Jim Copland

Wednesday March 2010


Jim Copland Senior Fellow and Director of Center for Legal Policy , Manhattan Institute

On Wednesday, March 10th, Manhattan Institute senior fellow and director of the Center for Legal Policy Jim Copland presented the shocking findings of his latest research into how today's massive trial lawyer lobby buys political influence, blocks tort reform, and costs Americans billions.

Mr. Copland's recently released Trial Lawyers Inc: K Street—A Report on the Litigation Lobby, 2010, has garnered praise from the likes of Senator Jeff Sessions, Representative Lamar Smith, and former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese, but another group on the Hill is less than pleased with having the whistle blown on their unyielding support of the lawsuit industry. Included in this group is Senator Arlen Specter, who wrote a fiery Letter to the Editor in response to Copland's Wall Street Journal op-ed on the report.