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Young Leaders Circle Forum with Heather Mac Donald

Wednesday February 2009


Heather Mac Donald Thomas W. Smith Fellow, Contributing Editor, City Journal

On February 4th, the Young Leaders Circle welcomed back Manhattan Institute senior and City Journal contributing editor Heather Mac Donald. She discussed a grave threat to philanthropic freedom at the hands of radical diversity advocates. These activists and politicians argue that foundations must meet "diversity targets" in their giving, or risk losing their tax exempt status. This reckless policing of philanthropy could hurt intellectual, scientific, and cultural pursuits that benefit everyone.

Heather's talk was based on her December 2008 Simon Lecture on Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship, delivered before the Manhattan Institute. The talk has also been adapted for the Winter 2009 edition of City Journal. She has long been an observer of radical efforts to politicize giving, covering the topic in numerous City Journal articles such as "The Billions of Dollars That Made Things Worse," as well as her best selling 2000 book, The Burden of Bad Ideas.