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Young Leaders Circle Forum with E.J. McMahon and Steven Malanga

Wednesday May 2011


E.J. McMahon Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Steven Malanga Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute, Senior Editor, City Journal

Public Sector Inc.On May 4, Manhattan Institute experts E.J. McMahon and Steven Malanga joined the YLC to discuss the hottest topic in the news -- the realities of public-sector unions and what union leaders have avoided telling taxpayers.

States have begun to rein in spending and that has brought on a clash with public-sector unions who claim that states are unjustly stripping away their benefits. What union leaders do not state, is that the excessive benefits they used to receive are one of the culprits of state budget cuts. As states fall deeper into debt, costs must be diminished in order to save the jobs of union-members. The very greed that unions claim the states exhibit is endemic among union leaders more concerned with unnecessary perks than with the jobs of their coworkers.

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