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Young Leaders Circle Forum with Dr. Jordan Peterson

Wednesday July 2018


Dr. Jordan Peterson Professor and Clinical Psychologist, University of Toronto

There has been no shortage of commentary and advice on how to address the problem of young people adrift—and of young men adrift, in particular. Yet few intellectuals in this discourse have attracted as great a following, or as many detractors, as professor and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson. A defender of free speech and critic of the idea of “safe spaces,” Peterson has routinely been the target of student protests when lecturing on university campuses. At the same time, millions of others have tuned in to his lectures on YouTube and been inspired by his call to resist the culture of victimhood, stand up straight with your shoulders back, and get your life together. For this insistence on order and personal responsibility, he has been referred to in the pages of the Wall Street Journal as “the most significant conservative thinker to appear in the English-speaking world in a generation.”