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Young Leaders Circle Forum with Douglas E. Schoen

Wednesday September 2015


Douglas E. Schoen Founder, Schoen Consulting; Contributor, Fox News

More than a year before Election Day 2016, the race for the White House is already in full swing. Most media coverage to date has focused on politicians’ personalities; as the field narrows, attention likely will shift to more substantive, fact-based discourse. How might debates over public policy shape the primary contests? What policies matter most to the electorate at-large, or to various constituencies within the major parties? What “wedge issues” are the eventual nominees, whomever they might be, most likely to exploit?

Douglas Schoen

On Wednesday, September 9th, we welcomed veteran political pollster Douglas E. Schoen to the Young Leaders Circle. Schoen is a longtime Democrat campaign staffer, strategist, and consultant, having worked for New York mayor Ed Koch, former president Bill Clinton, and many others. He is widely regarded as the inventor of the now ubiquitous overnight poll. The author of six books—including Hopelessly Divided (2012) and The Russia-China Axis (2014)—Schoen is a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, maintains a blog at, and appears regularly on Fox News. He earned his A.B. and J.D. from Harvard and a Ph.D. at Oxford, and is a lecturer at Harvard’s Kennedy School and the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School.