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World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism

Tuesday September 2007


Norman Podhoretz Editor-at-Large, Commentary

In World War IV, Norman Podhoretz puts 9/11, the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the war of ideas that 9/11 has provoked, into broad historical context.

Podhoretz, who was Editor-in-Chief of Commentary from 1960 to 1995 and is now Editor-at-Large, contends that the global war against Islamofascism is as vital and necessary as the two world wars and the cold war (“World War III”) that preceded it. As in the two great struggles against totalitarianism in the twentieth century, the key to victory in World War IV, Podhoretz argues, will be a willingness to endure reverses without losing sight of what is being fought for and what is being fought against.