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Who Killed Health Care? America's $2 Trillion Problem—and the Consumer-Driven Cure

Tuesday June 2007


Regina E. Herzlinger Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

In her incisive new book, Regina Herzlinger exposes the true nature of our health care system—one that runs at the expense of those who most need it, patients, and who most serve it, doctors. Herzlinger reveals how a trio of third parties—Congress, health insurers, and hospitals—has worked to prevent consumer-driven health care, instead creating a health care system that puts patients and their doctors dead last.

Professor Herzlinger’s authority on health care was solidified by the success of her previous books: in Market-Driven Health Care, she addressed the need to reform the way health care is supplied; and in Consumer-Driven Health Care, she reviewed the way health insurance is supplied.With her newest achievement, Who Killed Health Care?, Professor Herzlinger issues a call to arms to revolutionize our health care system with a consumer-driven cure.

Regina E. Herzlinger, often referred to as the “Godmother of Consumer-Driven Health Care,” is widely recognized for her innovative research in health care, including her early predictions of the unraveling of managed care and the rise of consumer-driven health care and health care–focused factories—two terms that she coined.