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What Parents Think of New York’s Charter Schools

Tuesday June 2003


Hon. Randy Daniels Secretary of State, State of New York Co-Chair, Committee on General Education and Charter Schools SUNY Board of Trustees

All around the country, state and local governments are experimenting with the use of charter schools as a means of educating children who have been failed by the traditional public school system. And since the inception of the charter school movement, its central premise has been the exchange of increased autonomy for increased accountability; accountability not just to education agencies, but to students and parents. Nearly five years after New York passed its law authorizing charter schools, how well have charter schools fulfilled this latter mission?

The Manhattan Institute recently commissioned the first survey of parent satisfaction with New York charter schools to try to answer this very question. Following the presentation of the results of that survey by Zogby International’s Duncan McCully, New York Secretary of State Randy Daniels will address the implications of those findings for the future of charter schools in New York. In addition to his wide-ranging responsibilities as Secretary of State, Daniels brings an important perspective to the issue as Co-Chair of the SUNY Board committee responsible for authorizing charter schools.