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To Protect and To Serve: Safety and Order in Los Angeles

Thursday December 2003

Peter Cove, Founder, America Works
George L. Kelling, Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
The Rev. Eugene F. Rivers, 3rd, President, National Ten Point Leadership Foundation
James Q. Wilson, Professor Emeritus, The Anderson School, UCLA

Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton just finished his first year on the job and is busily remaking the LAPD in his own image. Chief Bratton’s efforts are rooted in a philosophy of crime prevention that clearly succeeded in many American cities in the 1990s – in some cases reducing violent crimes by nearly two-thirds in less than a decade.

Despite these documented successes, few people understand this philosophy – sometimes known as “broken windows” policing (or “order maintenance”) – and fewer still understand how it can be implemented in cities as diverse as Los Angeles and New York. This special event gathers the nation’s leading proponents and implementers of Chief Bratton’s crime-fighting philosophy to explain the underlying rationale and evidence.