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Three Men In A Room: The Inside Story of Power and Betrayal in an American Statehouse

Wednesday September 2006


Hon. Seymour P. Lachman Distinguished Visiting Professor, Adelphi University Former New York State Senator

The New York State Legislature is made up of 212 members—but just three men ultimately control much of what goes on in Albany. Deals cut in private by the governor, Senate majority leader and Assembly speaker routinely affect the lives of millions of New Yorkers. Most legislators are simply kept out of the loop—and, all too often, no one is held accountable.

In his new book, Three Men in a Room: The Inside Story of Power and Betrayal in an American Statehouse, former state Sen. Seymour P. Lachman sheds new light on what takes place behind closed doors in the state Capitol. Professor Lachman pulls no punches in describing the cynical, secretive and ultimately anti-democratic culture of New York State government—and the reforms needed to fix it. Professor Lachman will discuss his new book and his recommendations for political reform at our breakfast forum. Lending a historical and institutional perspective will be two distinguished former legislative counsels, Eric Lane and Charles Webb.