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The West's Last Chance: Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations?

Tuesday December 2005


Tony Blankley Editorial Page Editor, Washington Times

On the world stage Islamic fanaticism is shaking the foundations of modern civilization.

Because of political correctness and multiculturism, Tony Blankley will argue the Western World is severely underestimating — to the point of ignoring — the threat of Islamic terror. He will explain why the stakes are higher than most people realize.

In addition, to his editorial work at the Washington Times, Mr. Blankley is a nationally syndicated columnist and a regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group, CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews and NBC’s Nightly News. He served as press secretary to thenspeaker of the house Newt Gingrich and became one of the leading spokesmen for the Contract with America. He was also a senior policy analyst and speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan.