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The Spectre of Intellectual Pluralism

Tuesday March 2007


John Tomasi Associate Professor, Political Science & Director, Political Theory Project; Brown University

Brown University, long one of our nation’s most prestigious universities, is now a proving ground for the attempt to return real intellectual pluralism to American campuses. Under its founding director, Professor John Tomasi, Brown’s “Political Theory Project” strives to invigorate the school’s intellectual debate through a variety of initiatives, including expanding the curriculum to embrace courses that fall outside of today’s traditional campus offerings.

Our guest speaker, Dr. Tomasi, will provide a firsthand account of how the Political Theory Project is reshaping Brown’s culture and inspiring students to contemplate alternative ways of thinking that are currently lacking in academia.

This event is sponsored by the newly formed Center for the American University at the Manhattan Institute. The Center, through its VERITAS Fund, plans both to identify and to fund university professors committed to establishing centers of excellence that will expand intellectual pluralism at American universities.