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The Immigration Solution: A Better Plan Than Today

Monday October 2007


Heather Mac Donald John M. Olin Fellow, Manhattan Institute, Contributing Editor, City Journal
Steve Malanga Senior Fellow, Senior Editor, City Journal
Victor Davis Hanson Contributing Editor, City Journal

Immigration reform is one of the most contentious and important issues in American politics today. What immigration policy best serves the needs and interests of the United States?

In The Immigration Solution, Heather Mac Donald, Victor Davis Hanson, and Steven Malanga provide a clear answer to that question. Mac Donald describes how an epidemic of crime, gangs, and illegitimacy is creating a new Hispanic underclass in the United States. Malanga shows how Hispanic immigrants produce a net cost to the American economy, not a net benefit, and he outlines the kind of immigration policy that would be both liberal and in America’s interest. Hanson writes about his own experience growing up in California’s farm country and watching the influx of illegal immigration transform his state for the worse. Together, these essays argue for an immigration policy that admits skilled and educated people based on what they can do for the country, not on what the country can do for them.