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The End of Government...As We Know It: Making Public Policy Work

Wednesday October 2007


Elaine C. Kamarck Lecturer in Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Head of the National Performance Review, Clinton White House (1993-1997)

How must government bureaucracies evolve to better serve the needs of citizens in the twenty-first century?

In her new book, The End of Government . . . As We Know It: Making Public Policy Work, Elaine Kamarck argues that tools are necessary if tomorrow’s government is to find the right match between policy and implementation. These tools fall under three categories Kamarck believes: reinvented government, government by network, and government by market.

Ms. Kamarck outlines how new technologies, combined with a “customer-service” and market-driven ethic, can transform yesterday’s bureaucracies into a more responsive, flexible, and accountable government capable of meeting the complex demands of today’s world.