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The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care

Thursday October 2006


David Gratzer, M.D. Senior Fellow, Center for Medical Progress, Manhattan Institute

We are surrounded by medical miracles: polio has been eradicated; childhood leukemia is treatable; death by cardiovascular disease has declined by two-thirds in the last 50 years. Yet while American medicine has never been better, angst over the American health-care system has never been greater. Why is health care in America such a mess?

Dr. Gratzer argues that the crisis in American health care stems largely from its addiction to outmoded and discredited economic ideas. He rejects the conventional wisdom that socialized health care is compassionate and that top-down government agencies save lives.

Weighing in on the most controversial topics in health care, Dr. Gratzer makes the case that it is possible to reduce health expenses, insure millions more, and improve quality of care while not growing government or raising taxes.