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The Criminalization of Corporate Conduct: Trends, problems, and Solutions

Monday June 2009


Kenneth G. Langone Chairman & CEO, Invemed Associates, LLC; Co-Founder, Home Depot
Dick Thornburgh Of Counsel, K & L Gates LLP; Former Attorney General of the United States

Moderaor: J.P. Donlon, Editor-in-Chief, Chief Executive Magazine

The past year's economic meltdown has led to a search for answers—and culprits. In New York, Attorney General Cuomo has issued subpoenas to a growing list of financial companies. In Washington, congressional leaders are considering legislation that would expand the scope of federal criminal law.

Although some corporate frauds have indeed been committed, many of these new laws lack the historic requirements for criminality, including causation of injury and wrongful intent. Moreover, many open-ended laws have proven themselves easily exploited by prosecutors eyeing their own political gain.

To examine these problems, the Manhattan Institute and Chief Executive magazine are happy to welcome Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone and former attorney general of the United States Dick Thornburgh. In a structured interview format, Chief Executive editor-in-chief J.P. Donlon will ask Mr. Langone and Mr. Thornburgh for their analysis, before opening the discussion to audience questions. The program will be adapted for publication in Chief Executive magazine.