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The Battle: How the Fight Between Free Enterprise and Big Government is Shaping America’s Future

Wednesday June 2010


Arthur Brooks President, American Enterprise Institute

In his forthcoming book, The Battle, Arthur Brooks outlines a new culture war—not the old struggle over guns or abortion or religion, but over two competing visions of America. In one, America continues as a unique and exceptional nation organized around the principles of free enterprise. In the other, America moves toward a European-style social democracy characterized by increasing bureaucracies, income redistribution, and government control of corporations.

These two visions of America are not reconcilable. They represent the starkest of choices for the American people.

The Battle shows that free enterprise is not merely an economic system but an expression of American values and American culture. It makes the case that free enterprise is the system that delivers the greatest levels of prosperity to the greatest numbers of people—and the one that makes possible the highest levels of human flourishing.

In this book, Arthur Brooks goes beyond alerting America about the growing threats to freedom, opportunity, and entrepreneurship. He explains how those who believe in the virtues of the free enterprise system can defend our shared values and win the battle for America's soul.