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Terrestrial Energy: How Nuclear Power Will Lead the Green Revolution and End America's Energy Odyssey

Wednesday February 2009

Introductory Remarks: Max Schulz, Senior Fellow, Center for Energy Policy and the Environment

For nearly three decades William Tucker has been one of America’s leading journalists probing environmental and energy issues.

In his latest book, Terrestrial Energy, he forcefully argues that the answer to America’s worsening energy crisis won’t be found by tapping the sun—using solar panels, wind power, or even fossil fuels that convert the sun’s energy—but by seeking an energy source found in plentiful supplies on our own planet. Nuclear energy, powered by uranium found in vast quantities, has the capability to supply the enormous stores of energy that a growing economy will require. As concerns heighten about the rising concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, emissions-free nuclear power stands out as the solution to our energy and environmental worries. Tucker addresses and dispels conventional fears about nuclear power, noting that it “is a perfectly natural phenomenon, as natural as the warmth in the ground beneath our feet.”

In writing Terrestrial Energy, Tucker traveled thousands of miles and crossed oceans to report on the state of nuclear power. He shows not just how the nuclear renaissance can take place in the United States, but why it should. We hope you will join us for this luncheon forum.