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Supportive Housing: The Solution for Chronic Homelessness?

Thursday January 2007

Panelists: Philip F. Mangano, Executive Director, United States Interagency, Council on Homelessness; Anne Foley, Senior Policy Advisor, State of Connecticut, Office of Policy and Management
Introduction: The Honorable Stephen Goldsmith, Director, Innovations in American Government Awards Program; and Daniel Paul Professor of Government, Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard University

Supportive housing is an approach used to combat chronic homelessness in more than 200 cities nationwide. Also known as “Housing First,” supportive housing combines housing with social and mental health services on the same site.

Is supportive housing a practical way to end the chronic homelessness problem that has plagued America for a generation?

Joining us for this discussion is Philip Mangano, Executive Director of the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, the federal official most associated with “Housing First,” and Anne Foley, Senior Policy Advisor for the State of Connecticut, whose Supportive Housing Pilots Initiative was honored with the 2006 Fannie Mae Foundation Innovations in American Government Award in Affordable Housing.