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South Park Conservative: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias

Thursday April 2005


Brian C. Anderson Senior Editor, City Journal

Is the Left’s stranglehold on public opinion, the media, and university and college campuses coming to an end? Brian Anderson offers a compelling behind-the-scenes look at how conservatives—and even iconoclasts who don’t consider themselves conservatives—are bypassing the traditionally liberal media and shrugging off the straightjackets of political correctness.

The bloggers who spurred purges at CBS News and CNN; the American glasnost effected by conservativetalk radio and Fox News; the launching of conservative imprints by mainstream book publishers; campus conservatives turning the tables on their left-wing professors; the renegade irreverence of South Park and Team America: World Police—all these are signs, Anderson argues, that the Right is no longer losing the culture war—and may even be winning it.