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Solving the Vaccine Shortage: Market Solutions or Government Intervention?

Wednesday July 2002


Robert Goldberg, Ph.D. Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute Director, Center for Medical Progress

Speakers: Wayne Pisano, Executive Vice President, Aventis Pasteur; Jerome Klein, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Boston University; Henry Miller, M.S., M.D., Research Fellow, Hoover Institution
Moderator: Robert Goldberg, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute; Director, Center for Medical Progress

Since 1994, the private market for vaccines has been cut by 70% as federal price controls and bulk purchasing took over. As a result, where there were once 20 companies making vaccines, there are now only four. The result has been a shortage of current pediatric vaccines and uncertainty about the market for new vaccines.

Some have responded to these developments by calling for the creation of a National Vaccine Authority, a government-run vaccine company to develop and manufacture commercial vaccines, essentially nationalizing the vaccine industry.

The panelists will discuss the difficulties of establishing this authority and the dangerous precedents it would establish. They will also offer a market-based alternative.