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Race Relations in 2006: Better than Ever?

Wednesday February 2006

Panelists: Roger Clegg, President, Center for Equal Opportunity; Abigail Thernstrom, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute; Dan Subotnik, Author, Toxic Diversity, Race, Gender, and Law Talk in America New York University
Moderator: John McWhorter, Author, Winning the Race: Beyond the Crisis In Black America (Gotham Books, 2006)

Racial and ethnic relations have never been better in the United States. Discrimination in just about any public transaction is illegal, racism is socially unacceptable, and more and more Americans are not only multiethnic but multiracial.

The biggest problem for African Americans is not discrimination, but the failure to recognize that discrimination is not the biggest problem. The remaining obstacles are cultural: a self-defeating mindset for African Americans and multiculturalism’s rejection of the ideals of integration and assimilation.

So argues Roger Clegg. Joining him are Abigail Thernstrom, who will comment on the segregative practice of racial gerrymandering; and Dan Subotnik, who is a professor at Touro Law School, and who has critiqued racial politics in academia.