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Proxy Monitor 2011: A Report on Shareholder Activism and Corporate Governance

Wednesday September 2011


James R. Copland Director, Center for Legal Policy, Manhattan Institute

Keynote Address By: Harvey Pitt, Former Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission; Chief Executive Officer, Kalomara Partners, LLC

William T. Allen, Nusbaum Professor of Law & Business, NYU School of Law; Former Chancellor, Court of Chancery, State of Delaware
John Siemann, President and Partner, Phoenix Advisory Partners
Lori Zyskowski, Corporate & Securities Counsel, General Electric
Shelley J. Dropkin, Deputy Corporate Secretary & General Counsel, Corporate Governance

Moderated By: Howard Husock, Vice President, Policy Research, Manhattan Institute

Sometimes it’s called “shareholder activism.” Sometimes it’s “shareholder democracy.” But there’s no doubt that in recent years, and thanks to the Dodd-Frank financial reform, corporate shareholders have been increasingly proposing proxy motions both to influence corporate practices and impact the memberships of boards. Are activists—such as union pension funds or issues advocates—using the system to help shareholders or to advance their own political and social interests?

On September 21, the Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy will release a new report that shines a bright light on recent shareholder proxy activity and will launch its new website Proxy Monitor is the first publicly-available database of shareholder proposals and is designed to be a tool through which the public, media, and other interested parties can examine and compare proxy proposals and find analysis of proxy trends.