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Life Without Lawyers: Liberating Americans From Too Much Law

Wednesday January 2009


Philip K. Howard Vice Chairman, Covington & Burling, Founder & Chairman, Common Good

Philip K. Howard, a practicing attorney, has been a leading voice for reforming America’s civil justice system. His previous books, The Death of Common Sense: How Law is Suffocating America (1995) and The Collapse of the Common Good: How America’s Lawsuit Culture Undermines Our Freedom (2002), have been best sellers that helped make the case that litigation was limiting the liberties Americans take for granted. His spring 2006 City Journal article, “Making Civil Justice Sane,” was a rousing call for judges to reassert their role in controlling lawsuit abuse. In 2002, Howard formed Common Good, a nonpartisan organization devoted to reforming American law, especially in the areas of civil justice, health care and education.

In his new book, Howard articulates not only a critique of the status quo but a framework for restoring to law its coherent boundaries. We hope you will join us for this luncheon book forum.