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Life After Television Broadcasting: Spectrum Policy for the 21st Century

Tuesday June 2005

Washington, D.C.’s Vision For ‘Capitalizing Connections’ With Broadband Wireless
HON. ANTHONY WILLIAMS, Mayor, City of Washington, D.C.
ROBERT LEGRANDE, II, Deputy CTO, City of Washington, D.C.; Founder & Chairman, Spectrum Coalition for Public Safety

Video Technologies of Today
ADAM CLAYTON POWELL, III, Director of the Integrated Media Systems Center, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California; Senior Fellow, USC Center on Public Diplomacy

The Value of TV Band Spectrum
THOMAS W. HAZLETT, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute; Professor of Law & Economics, George Mason University; Columnist, Financial Times (; Former Chief Economist, Federal Communications Commission

A National Broadband Network Via 700 MHz Frequencies
CHARLES TOWNSEND, Chief Executive Officer, Aloha Partners

Eliminating Barriers to Innovative Wireless Services
JANICE OBUCHOWSKI, Executive Director, High Tech DTV Coalition; President, Freedom Technologies; Former U.S. Ambassador, World Radio Conference 2003; Former NITA Administrator & Assistant U.S. Secretary of Commerce