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Kill Oil With Natural Gas And Electricity

Wednesday September 2009


Peter Huber Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Introductory Remarks: Rodney Nichols, President & CEO Emeritus, New York Academy of Sciences, Trustee, Manhattan Institute

Chasing carbon, we’re told, will get us over oil, too. It won’t. The most widely touted carbon-cutting schemes will strengthen oil’s grip on the planet’s highways and end up increasing carbon emissions as well. To beat oil and curb carbon while we do, we need an energy policy centered on cheap, conventional fuels and practical, proven technologies. Please join us as Manhattan Institute senior fellow Peter Huber presents his new report, “Kill Oil with Natural Gas and Electricity: A Carbon Strategy the World Can Afford.”

Peter Huber’s most recent book is The Bottomless Well, which Bill Gates describes as “the only book I’ve ever seen that really explains energy, its history and what it will be like going forward.” Huber is also a regular contributor to Forbes, where he writes about science, technology, and public policy.