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High-Stakes Taxing: New York's Economic and Fiscal Prospects Under the Next President's Federal Tax Agenda

Wednesday September 2008

Introduction: Steven Malanga, Senior Editor, City Journal
Panelists: E.J. McMahon, Senior Fellow for Tax and Budgetary Studies, Manhattan Institute, Robert Carroll, Vice President for Economic Policy, Tax Foundation, Stephen Kagann, Economist, David Malpass, President, Encima Global LLC
Moderator: Nicole Gelinas, Contributing Editor, City Journal

The 2008 presidential candidates stand on sharply opposed tax policy platforms. John McCain says he would make the Bush tax cuts permanent while pushing for further reductions in corporate and individual income taxes. Barack Obama wants to significantly raise tax rates in the highest brackets and redistribute the proceeds in the form of tax credits for low- and middle-income households.

No matter who wins, potentially far-reaching changes in federal taxes are inevitable in years just ahead, with significant implications for financial markets and for New York’s largest industry. Join us for a discussion of the presidential candidates’ tax proposals—including the presentation of a new Manhattan Institute study outlining how they could affect the economy and fiscal health of New York State, in particular.