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Great Catholic Parishes: How Four Essential Practices Make Them Thrive

Thursday September 2016


William E. Simon Jr. Businessman and Philanthropist

Few organizations better serve America's underprivileged than the Catholic Church: its schools provide a step-up and its hospitals and outreach work provide a lifeline for millions of Americans. But in recent years this vital institution has weathered scandal, a transitioning population, financial challenges and an aging priesthood.

Current cultural trends suggest that traditional Catholics, like their Protestant counterparts, will depart in moderate but consistent numbers in the coming decades. But there is also growth in new communities, among them Hispanic and Asian populations in the South and Southwest. Why do some Catholic parishes—the heart of the church—flourish today while others wilt? To address this question and to help foster the growth of flourishing parishes across North America, William E. Simon Jr. founded Parish Catalyst in 2012.

In Great Catholic Parishes, How Four Essential Practices Make Them Thrive, Simon offers compelling insights drawn from groundbreaking research conducted by Parish Catalyst. Replete with fascinating case studies of America's most exceptional parishes, Great Catholic Parishes is an invaluable guide to leadership, renewal and excellence: "An insightful look at what is going right in those parishes that are successfully nourishing their spiritual families," writes Cardinal Timothy Dolan in the foreword.

William E. Simon Jr. is co-chairman of investment firm William E. Simon & Sons and co-chairman of the William E. Simon Foundation. A former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and Republican nominee for governor of California, he holds a B.A. from Williams College and a J.D. from Boston College.