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Going to Scale: A New Era for Funding Nonprofits

Wednesday January 2006

Speakers: George Overholser, Founder and Managing Director, NFF Capital Partners, a Division of the Nonprofit Finance Fund; Robert Steel, Senior Director, Goldman Sachs
Moderator: Howard Husock, Director, Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, Manhattan Institute, Research Fellow, Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Harvard University

The United States has a wide range of sophisticated means to match private investors with both established and promising firms. But the methods for bringing philanthropic investors together with “social entrepreneurs” – persons starting important new not-for-profit enterprises – are comparatively primitive. Good nonprofits must constantly struggle for funds and are not assured that good results will lead to further support.

After their outstanding careers in private finance, George Overholser and Robert Steel have turned their attention to the question of how a capital market for the nonprofit sector can be built.