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Education Myths: What Special-Interest Groups Want You To Believe About Our Schools-And Why It Isn't So

Thursday September 2005


Jay P. Greene, Ph.D. Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute; Chairman, Department of Education Reform, College of Education and Health Professions, University of Arkansas

How can we fix America’s underperforming public schools? Conventional wisdom says that schools and teachers need a lot more money, that poor and immigrant children can’t do as well as most American kids, that highstakes tests just produce teaching to the test, and that vouchers do little to help students while undermining our democracy. But what if this conventional wisdom is wrong?

Dr. Greene has gathered the hard evidence to show that much of what people believe about education reform conflicts with the best data. By clearing away the misconceptions about education, Dr. Greene argues, we will better understand how to fix our schools. He will share with us important recommendations that, if implemented, would achieve measurable and affordable success.